Arrested Development Screen Facts

Arrested Development season 1 made its debut to the world in 2003. After three seasons, it was cancelled by their network at the time, FOX. The show wasn’t cancelled because it had poor reviews, it was put to a stop due to low viewership. The beloved show made a return with two seasons alongside Netflix in 2013. Today, Arrested Development is considered a cult classic and set the stage for other popular sitcoms like The Office, Archer and Community. Check out Arrested Development’s screen facts below. 

Non-Regulars Became Regulars

Tobias Fünke, played by David Cross, and George Bluth, played by Jeffrey Tambor, weren’t supposed to be regular characters. However, they tested well so the writers decided to make them staples of the series. Can you imagine what Arrested Development would be like without Tobias and George? 

The brilliant Arrested Development narrator, Ron Howard, wasn’t supposed to voice over the show either. He was filling in for someone during the pilot, but they kept Howard because his voice “worked.

Michael Cera’s Citizenship

As many fans of the show probably know, Michael Cera is from Canada, specifically Brampton. After securing the role of George Michael Bluth, he had issues with his work visa. In fact, Cera was almost unable to complete work on the pilot episode because of the visa complications. In order to get the visa documentation he needed, Cera had to go to Tijuana, Mexico. Michael Angarano, who you might recognize from Almost Famous or Sky High, was on standby to replace Cera if he was unable to get his visa, or worse, was deported. 

Easter Eggs

Today, Arrested Development is widely known as a cult classic series. One of the things that makes it so great are the Easter Eggs which are clever jokes or references that only avid fans would pick up on. There are tons of Easter Eggs in Arrested Development, but some are more memorable than others. 

For example, GOB Bluth, played by Will Arnett, is often on a Segway. Whenever he rides it, the showrunners made sure he was interacting with another character so he was always “segueing” the conversation. Another ongoing joke is secret surveillance companies using the word “Blendin” in their fake company name. There are a number of companies in the show that use this logic, such as “Blendin Electric Company” and “Blendin Catering”. Last one — many jokes are made about “hop-ons.” The concept is never formally explained, but it is someone who hops on to the Bluth stair car for a ride. When the family cottage is moved on the back of a truck, a joke is made about “live-ins.

“On the Next Arrested Development”

After each episode, there is usually a preview of the next episode that is introduced with the narrator saying, “on the next Arrested Development.” More often than not, these scenes do not appear in the next episode or anywhere else in the series. Instead, they are a part of the story and continuity. 

The Nevernude Affliction

Each character in the series has their own form of Arrested Development, hence the title of the show. Tobias is a nevernude which is actually a real psychological affliction called gymnophobia. It is clinically defined as a persistent and unusual fear of nudity. Individuals with this affliction fear seeing others being naked or being seen naked or both. In Tobias’ case, he was fearful of being seen naked, likely because of his inability to face his sexuality. The jean shorts were simply a unique addition to his nevernudeness. 

Film or Series? 

The first three seasons of Arrested Development aired on FOX between 2003 and 2006. However, the series was cancelled due low ratings and viewership on FOX despite positive feedback from critics and viewers. 

After the series was cancelled, the cast was going to do a movie to wrap up the story. Unfortunately, it was delayed several times. The gap between the series ending and making a movie became very large. If they were to do a film, they realized the screen time to get the audience up to speed would take up too much of the run time. Instead, they opted for Arrested Development season 4 which aired in 2013 on Netflix. 

Source: IMDb | Cheat Sheet

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