Jackie Brown Screen Facts

Quentin Tarantino is obviously one of the greatest directors and screenwriters of our time. Jackie Brown is one of his less popular films, especially compared to Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. Although, this does not mean it’s of lesser quality by any means. The film follows a middle aged woman in the midst of a conflict where she must choose between turning a profit or the cost of her own life. Released in 1997, Tarantino wrote and directed this film which was another mobster classic. Check out various screen facts below. 

Revitalized Careers

Over the years, Quentin Tarantino has gained a reputation for revitalizing the careers of forgotten actors, who usually are his personal favourites. Robert Forster and Pam Grier were among the celebrities whose careers were resurrected, but this wasn’t the intention of Tarantino. “I’m not coming from that place. I’m trying to cast the best actors or the coolest actors in whatever role,” Quentin said of Jackie Brown. “And I’m just not using the hot star list in order to do it.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Creativity

Samuel L. Jackson came up with the look for Ordell’s character. “The whole thing with the long hair and the goatee, the whole kind of samurai, mad priest, mad kung fu priest on the mountain look he had – Sam came up with that,” the director shared. Jackson also named Jackie Brown as his favourite Quentin film.

Violence Critique

In previous films Tarantino did, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, he received critiques about there being too much violence. As a sarcastic response to people’s opinions, he toned down the blood and guts in Jackie Brown. However, he kept his sadistic humour intact. For example, when Melanie is shot by Louis for her condescending comments and tone, no blood or gore is shown, but the callous joke is still there. 

Magic Johnson Theatre

After the film’s release, Tarantino wanted to understand and gauge the audience’s reaction to key points in the film. He spent nearly a month at the Magic Johnson Theatre observing people’s reactions. “I just lived there,” he said.

Novel Adaption

Jackie Brown is an adaptation of the novel Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard. Tarantino’s production company also purchased the rights to the books Freaky Deaky and Killshot by Elmore Leonard as well. At the time, Pulp Fiction had just been released and Quentin was choosing his next project. Between the three Leonard books, he wasn’t sure what to pick. “I didn’t think I was gonna do Rum Punch. I was just getting ready to give Rum Punch to another director that I knew,” Tarantino said, alluding to the fact that Jackie Brown may have been something entirely different. “And in reading it again that night, I fell in love with it the exact same way I did a couple of years before.

No Cameo

Jackie Brown was the first film Tarantino didn’t have a cameo where he was the writer and director. The only time he appears in the movie is the voice of Brown’s answering machine greeting. In addition, this film didn’t have a prologue before the opening credits like his previous films. 

Source: Mental Floss | IMDb

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