A Star Is Born Screen Facts

The mega-success A Star Is Born movie starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga was released in 2018. The plot follows aspiring musician Ally, played by Lady Gaga, who is discovered by the already famous Jackson Maine, played by Cooper. Maine falls in love with Ally and encourages her to pursue her dream career in music. As her fame skyrockets, their personal lives take a turn, and Maine struggles with his addictions.

The film was a remake of three other A Star Is Born movies. All are romantic dramas that follow young female stars on the rise, who meet and fall in love with male stars during their careers. The 2018 version of the movie was directed by Bradley Cooper and written by Cooper, Will Fetters and Eric Roth. The movie was a box office accomplishment, winning awards and even garnering a number one hit from its soundtrack. Check out various screen facts below.

Directorial Debut

This movie was Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut. He persisted for the job of director and landed it over other big names, including Steven Spielberg. He calls the film a personal labor of love. The film’s producer, Bill Gerber, was shocked at Coopers’ skill as a director and could not believe it was his directorial debut.

The Fourth Version

Lady Gaga followed other starlets by performing in the 2018 version of A Star Is Born. Barbra Streisand starred in the 1976 version, Judy Garland starred in the 1954 version, and Janet Gaynor starred in the 1937 version. Barbra Streisand even showed up to the set of the 2018 production and talked to the cast and crew about the movie. Lady Gaga’s character, Ally, hums Somewhere Over The Rainbow in the film which many believe was an homage to Judy Garland.

All the movies shared the name A Star Is Born and followed the same loose plot. The 1937 version followed a Hollywood actress and actor. Whereas the other three versions followed upcoming and famous musicians. All three of the musical versions had their original songs nominated for the Best Original Song Oscar. The Man that Got Away was nominated from the 1954 version, Evergreen from the 1976 version and Shallow from the 2018 version; with Evergreen and Shallow winning their Oscars.

Filmed at Coachella

Lady Gaga headlined at the 2017 Coachella festival. The production team of A Star Is Born decided to start filming at the same time to take advantage of the audience and Coachella stage. Audience members paid $10 to watch and participate in the filming of the scene. They were not allowed recording devices and Lady Gaga performed with no speakers on. Fans close to the stage watched her sing, but no instrumentals were played. Viewers even had signs with Lady Gaga’s character name and chanted “Ally” during filmed performances. Additional concert scenes were shot during the Joanne Tour in Los Angeles, and other music festivals.

A Star Is Born Soundtrack

The A Star Is Born soundtrack topped the Billboard 200 albums chart. Shallow, the soundtrack’s lead single, went to number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and on charts around the world. This gave Bradley Cooper a number 1 album and single. He had learned to play piano, guitar, and taken vocal lessons specifically for this role. He earned music chart successes that many seasoned musicians aim for.

Lady Gaga Almost Was Not Cast

Before Cooper or Gaga were attached to the project, Clint Eastwood was to direct a remake of the movie and Beyonce was to star. Bradley Cooper eventually became attached to the project and claimed he always wrote Ally with Lady Gaga in mind. He had to fight to get Warner Bros. to cast Lady Gaga as Ally, using an iPhone recorded duet to get the studio to agree to screen test her.

Drag Queens Selected by Gaga

Shangela was hand selected by Gaga to be Ally’s mentor. Originally, drag queens Shangela and Willam Belli were supposed to be filming for one day. But production went so well and Cooper enjoyed the drag queens’ ability to improvise, so he invited them back for another day of filming, adding in unscripted and improvised scenes.

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