The Neon Demon Screen Facts

The Neon Demon is a film that was written and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. The plot follows a newly orphaned teenage girl who moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modelling. Immediately, she is faced with envy and jealousy due to her immense beauty and youth which may end up being menacing. Released in 2016, the movie was commended for its bold use of colour and contrast in cinematography. Check out various screen facts below. 

Loved and Hated

The Neon Demon was Refn’s second film to debut at the Cannes Film Festival. The first was Only God Forgives which was released in 2013. After the screening, people both cheered and booed, implying that it was loved and hated. Liv Corfixen, Refn’s wife, appears in this film where she says, “Beauty is not everything. It’s the only thing.” According to Refn, The Neon Demon was one of his few films his wife actually liked. 

Notable Filming Locations

Near the end of the film, a photoshoot takes place in a mansion. This is the same location where they filmed the ending of Scream 3 released in 2000. In addition, Refn chose to film portions at The Paramour Mansion because it’s rumoured to be haunted. It’s unclear why the property is cursed, but some of the incidents have been documented. 

In 1933, Daisy Canfield Danziger, an oil heiress and estranged wife of old Hollywood star Antonio Moreno, died on her way home from a party on Mulholland Drive. People believe that she now haunts the property. Ever since 1933, the mansion went through several phases and repurposes. It was a convent for nuns and a boarding school for girls. In 1998, Dana Hollister bought the property and turned it into a rental space. My Chemical Romance, the punk rock group, stayed there in 2006 to record their album, The Black Parade. The same year, another music band called Papa Roach stayed there. Both groups of musicians reported eerie experiences. 

Elle Fanning’s Age Limitations

Originally, Carey Mulligan was supposed to play the role of Jesse. She dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, so Elle Fanning was cast instead. At the time of filming, Fanning was 16 and turned 17. She was 18 by the time the film premiered. During the scene where a photographer named Jack demands to shoot Jesse on a closed set, more nudity was supposed to be involved. Given that Elle was underage, the scene was rewritten.

Stephen King References

There are two major Stephen King references in The Neon Demon. The first is in the bathroom scene where the four women are discussing lipstick. Ruby calls one shade of lipstick “Red Rum” which is a reference to The Shining. Later on, two of the women are bathing in Jesse’s blood while showering as Ruby lays in a bloody bathtub. The imagery here is very similar to the cinematography in Carrie, mainly the opening shower scene and when pig’s blood is dumped on her during prom night. 

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