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In the 2021 thriller titled Till Death, audiences follow a woman handcuffed to her dead husband. He orchestrated a sick revenge plot for his wife’s infidelity. Stuck in the middle of a snowy wonderland, she must figure out a way to survive while two killers are after her. The movie stars Megan Fox as the wife, Emma, and Eoin Macken as the husband, Mark. Callan Mulvey and Jack Roth are the two actors who play the killers, Bobby Ray and Jimmy. Directed by S.K. Dale and written by Jason Carvey, Till Death was one of 2021’s chilliest movies. Check out various screen facts below. 

Fake Set

Till Death primarily takes place in a remote lake house within an icy winter wonderland. The movie was filmed in Bulgaria, but not outdoors. All of the snow was made from paper and was completely fabricated. The entire movie was actually shot inside a studio. That might explain why Megan Fox never appears cold! 

Originally, S.K. Dale wanted to shoot in the spring of 2020 in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, but the pandemic had other plans. “We were preparing to shoot it in March, and at that stage, it was snowing, and we had found our locations, and they had started building everything,” Dale said in an interview. “We had to completely switch gears and look at creating with the special effects team these incredible sets that are covered in fake snow. It was a bit of a different plan but ultimately I’m pretty happy with what we got.

Directorial Debut

Prior to Till Death, S.K. Dale had only directed short films. This was his first feature film. “It’s this woman who feels trapped [in] this lifeless marriage and now she finds herself trapped to her lifeless husband,” the filmmaker said. 

Stuntman, Not a Dummy

Once Mark is dead, Emma has no choice but to drag around the corpse since she’s handcuffed to him. To film these scenes, a dummy was originally going to be used. “We spent all this money building this human dummy but in the end it just doesn’t feel real, it would just wobble around,” Dale said. Instead, Boyan Anev, a professional stuntman, was used. “The pain he had to go through on this film! My love for stuntmen and -women has grown.” Dale added Megan Fox had to work hard in the role, “even if it’s her moving three meters, she now has to drag this body.

Overall, Till Death was a great film to come out of 2021 and a resurgence for Megan Fox. The comparison of a lackluster marriage to a woman being handcuffed to her dead husband is as chilling as the frosty setting. The film made a surprisingly good connection between a social issue and a cryptic revenge story. 

Source: IMDb EW

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