Prisoners is a 2013 American mystery thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Aaron Guzikowski. The film stars Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover, a father desperate to find his daughter and her friend after they go missing. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Detective Loki, the lead investigator on the case. Prisoners was a critical and commercial success, grossing $122 million worldwide. The film received positive reviews, with praise for its direction, acting, writing, and atmosphere. Prisoners was nominated for several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. 

Jake Gyllenhaal brings depth to the detective role

One of the detectives, Loki, is played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal did an amazing job with this role, and he also came up with some of the character’s defining features, like the tattoos, Freemason ring, and facial tics. These small details added a lot to the character and made him more believable. He wanted to make Loki a fully developed persona who was more than just a one-dimensional detective.

Blacklist favorite becomes a reality

For movie buffs, the Blacklist is always an interesting read. It’s a list of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood, and it’s a great way to find out what projects are floating around in development. The 2009 Blacklist included the screenplay for Prisoners, a thriller about a father who takes matters into his own hands when his daughter is kidnapped. The script made its way onto the blacklist, and eventually caught the eye of director Denis Villeneuve. The rest, as they say, is history.

Non-profit organization benefits from a generous donation

After the cast and crew of Prisoners (2013) had wrapped up filming, the costume and prop departments decided to donate all of the clothing and props to Fodac Thrift Store in Tucker, Georgia. The thrift store is a non-profit organization that provides essential items to people with disabilities, and the donated items helped them to continue their work. In addition, the donation helped to promote awareness of the organization and its work.

Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale passed on Prisoners

Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale were set to star in the 2013 film Prisoners, with Bryan Singer directing. But instead, the two actors cast themselves in The Fighter (2010). The Fighter was a critical and commercial success, earning multiple Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Wahlberg and Bale both received nominations for their roles in the film. Prisoners did eventually star Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, but it is not clear if it would have been as successful without the star power of Wahlberg and Bale.

How Detective Loki’s quest for two kidnapped children parallels Norse Mythology

Loki, the detective in the film Prisoners, obsessively searches for two children who have been kidnapped. This is similar to the tale in Norse Mythology, where the god Loki persistently tries to protect a child from a giant named Skrymir. In both stories, the characters are driven by their determination to find and save the children. However, while Loki is ultimately successful in his quest, Skrymir is not. This difference may be due to the fact that Loki is a god, while Skrymir is only a giant. Regardless, both stories highlight the lengths that some individuals will go in order to find and save those who are lost.

Donnie Darko’s rabbit makes a cameo in Prisoners

The rabbit from Donnie Darko makes a cameo appearance in Prisoners. In the movie, detective Loki is flipping through a notebook he found at Bob Taylor’s house when he comes across a drawing of the rabbit on the last page. The rabbit from Donnie Darko is also known as Frank, and he plays an important role in the movie. Frank is a representation of Death, and he helps to guide the protagonist, Donnie, through the events of the film. It’s fitting that the rabbit would make a cameo appearance in Prisoners, as it is a dark and suspenseful film with themes of death and violence. The rabbit’s cameo is just one of the many Easter eggs hidden in the film.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in two zodiac thrillers

On the right hand of the character, Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) are tattooed zodiacal symbols (Leo, Scorpio, Aries, Virgo). Jake Gyllenhaal also starred in Zodiac (2007), another film with a zodiac theme. In both films, the zodiac plays an important role in the story. In Prisoners, the zodiac symbols help Detective Loki to solve the mystery of the missing girls. In Zodiac, the symbols are used by the killer to communicate with the police. Both films are excellent examples of how the zodiac can be used to create suspense and tension.

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