Everything You Need to Know About Kanye West’s Documentary

Earlier this week, Netflix dropped an official trailer for Kanye West’s upcoming documentary titled jeen-yuhs. It is set to release in mid-February and will cover over 20 years of the hip-hop artist’s personal life and career. 

Till Death Screen Facts

In the 2021 thriller titled Till Death, audiences follow a woman handcuffed to her dead husband. He orchestrated a sick revenge plot for his wife’s infidelity. Stuck in the middle of a snowy wonderland, she must figure out a way to survive while two killers are after her.

The Big Short Screen Facts

The Big Short is based on true events related to the 2008 Financial Crisis. In the mid-2000s, a small group of investors bet against, or shorted, the United States mortgage market. Considered an extremely risky investment at the time, the investors performed research where they found the market to be fraudulent and corrupt.

The Girl Next Door Screen Facts

The film follows two recently orphaned girls, Meg and Susan, who are placed in the care of their aunt, Ruth, who’s deranged and becomes increasingly sadistic. One day, Meg befriends a boy in the neighbourhood, David, which triggers a series of rationalized abuse and torture involving many people in the community.

Leaving Las Vegas Screen Facts

Leaving Las Vegas is a story about Ben Sanderson, played by Nicolas Cage, a troubled alcoholic. With his life in shambles, Ben decides to move to Las Vegas and drink himself to death. Shortly after his arrival, Ben meets Sera, played by Elisabeth Shue, a local prostitute with some issues of her own.