I Care A Lot Review

The film title serves as the main character’s slogan in conning the American legal system. I Care a Lot follows detestable characters at every point but explores possible real world nightmares in a captivating way.

Gerald’s Game Review

Originally a novel, Gerald’s Game follows a married couple embarking on a romantic vacation. While enjoying their serene getaway, a kinky game goes awry, causing the wife to experience psychosis. While the surface level plot is engrossing, the underlying symbolism and themes are even more captivating. 

Young Adult Review

Mavis Gary is an alcoholic, young adult fiction writer. The film follows her journey after she decides to rekindle the romance with her highschool sweetheart who recently had a baby and is happily married. In the end, Mavis doesn’t find what she’s looking for, but she does learn more about herself. 

The Neon Demon Review

The Neon Demon movie was released in 2016 and was created by Nicolas Winding Refn. In this Neon Demon analysis, Caitlin Devon deep dives into the prevalent themes of youth, naivete and allure — in addition to how far people are willing to go to embody it.